Alliance Learning partners with the Anderton Centre to provide new opportunities and life skills for Apprentices!

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Last week, Katie Conway from the Alliance Learning marketing team visited the Anderton Centre, to find out more about the many different opportunities available to young people.

The impact of Covid-19 across the Greater Manchester area has been huge, particularly for employment opportunities. Both companies have been working closely together to ensure young people have the chance to benefit from new jobs and skills.

Alliance Learning and the Anderton Centre are both part of the University of Bolton Group. This one-stop shop connects Bolton College, Bolton University Technical College (UTC), Alliance Learning and the Anderton Centre.

By working together, the group can offer a range of opportunities through Apprenticeships, education, training and life skills which will support students on their career journey and increase their accessibility to a range of exciting courses and training opportunities.

For more information about our Apprenticeships, click here to view our Apprenticeship Vacancies page to see our latest vacancy options. You can also get information from our Recruitment Team - or call 01204 677 888 

The Anderton Centre

The Anderton Centre aims to operate as a residential and day visit activity Centre for local companies, with a focus on working with young people and community groups.

The site is spread across 4 acres of woodland and has exclusive use of the Lower Rivington Reservoir. The center offers water-based and land activities to local schools and community groups. You can also use the center for Team building and Conferencing activities.

From 1st December, they will be offering their Christmas menu and festive food package which you can visit via their website.

View their latest offers today -

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