Choosing the right path

Are there lots of opportunities available in this industry?

When applying for an Apprenticeship, you need to think about your future and your career. Don’t just apply for an Apprenticeship because you want a job. You need to think whether you will enjoy it but also if there are opportunities available. Research the industry/sector and see what job roles are available to progress to and what opportunities are there for you.

Do I have the skills required to do this job? If not, am I willing to learn?

You need to look at the skills and qualifications required. If you feel you do have these skills it is a good opportunity for you and you should apply. Even if you have the right qualifications but don’t have the skills, as long as you are willing to learn, we are here to guide you and teach you so you gain those skills. The whole point of an Apprenticeship is to learn. An Apprenticeship requires hard work and willingness to learn.

Am I choosing the right Apprenticeship for me?

Don’t follow the crowd! It’s very important to choose the Apprenticeship that interests you and also an Apprenticeship where opportunities are available in the future.

Is there any further help at Alliance Learning to help me make my decision?

If you are still unsure about what you want to do, or you have not fully made your mind up, there is help. We offer Careers Education, Information, Advice and GuidancE (CEIAG) sessions at our centre to guide you on what may be the best route for you and give you more of an idea of what is available to you. If you would like more information on these sessions or to attend a session, contact our Recruitment team on 01204 677888 or click here to view our CEIAG page.

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