Level 3 Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship 

What does a Level 3 Metal Fabricator Apprentice do?

The Metal Fabricator occupation is found in the advanced manufacturing engineering and engineering construction sectors. The broad purpose of the occupation is to carry out metal fabrication work using things such as rolled steel joists, columns, channels, steel plate and metal sheet etc. Work includes manufacturing bridges, oil rigs, ships, petro-chemical installations, cranes, platforms, aircraft, automotive and machinery parts, sheet metal enclosures, equipment supports, and anything that can be fabricated out of metal. Fabricators can work alone or in teams, in factories or on operational sites.

Fabricators use a large range of metals including steel, aluminium and titanium at a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm up to over 20mm. The size and weight of the fabrications can range from components that can easily be picked up by hand, to massive structures that require several cranes to manipulate. In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with planners, supervisors, inspectors, designers, welders, pipefitters, fitters, machinists, riggers, steel erectors, stores personnel, painters and many others involved in manufacturing, production, maintenance and repair. An employee in this occupation will be responsible for the quality and accuracy of their own work whilst ensuring it conforms to a relevant specification such as an engineering drawing or an international standard. Fabricators are also responsible for the health, safety and environmental (HS&E) protection of themselves and others around them.

What are the entry requirements?

Candidates must be aged 16 or over and should have:
- Practical abilities and the desire to work with your hands
- High motivation and are keen to work in the engineering/manufacturing environment
- The ability to follow instructions and diagrams
- The ability to work accurately and a good eye for detail
- Good communication and problem solving abilities
- Good numeracy and literacy abilities to work with data
- The ability to work on your own initiative, but also be a good team worker

What is the duration of the course?

The Level 3 Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship takes approximately 48 months to complete, either attending block for the first 9 months then to day release or day release throughout, this will depend on the employers wishes.

How can I progress in Metal Fabricator Engineering?

After completing the Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship, you could progress onto Higher Apprenticeship at Level 4 in Engineering Leadership, HNC or HND.

What Qualifications will I gain?

This qualification provides a foundation in engineering machining operations and techniques, as well as extensive theoretical and practical experience in this occupational area. On completion, you will be of fully-skilled status.

1. Development Technical Knowledge - Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering:
This is the higher level technical knowledge that you will be required to study towards and achieve and is a lead on from the level 2. Again, delivered in a classroom to ensure a high level of technical ability and understanding and will be assessed through a mixture of practical assessments or exams.

2. End Point Assessment:
An external assessor will be arranged by your employer to review all evidence, conduct a full observation and hold an interview with you to determine your ability in the role and ensure that the 4 years training has developed you into a competent and skillful engineer. The final grading based on all assessments and evidence provided will be scored on a Pass, Merit or Distinction basis.

3. Functional Skills in English and Maths Level 2:
Functional Skills are qualifications in Maths and English that equip learners with the practical skills needed to learn, live and work successfully. This will only be required if you haven’t already attained this level through GCSE.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply online. For any more information, please contact our Recruitment team on 01204 677888 or email info@alliancelearning.com. You can also check out our current Apprenticeship vacancies by clicking the button below.

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