Our Facilities

Free Car/Bike and Motorcycle parking

We have a car parking facilities onsite for all our learners. There is no charge to park on our facilities and it can hold up to 100 cars. There is also accessible parking spaces and a rack for bicycles.

Training and Computer Rooms

Our training and computer rooms are available to our learners whenever needed to help you learn, revise or complete any work.

Independent Learning Zone

Sponsored by ‘OneFile’, our Independent Learning Zone is a quiet study area to give you a chance to concentrate and learn efficiently. There are books and laptops available if any research is needed.

Free Wi-fi

This can be accessed anywhere on our site and is available to learners so that any work related research can be done with ease.


OneFile is a ePortfolio system. This is the ‘paperless’ way of showing all evidence and work to your assessor so it can be marked and easily uploaded online.

Access to iPads and Laptops

If you need a Laptop or iPad so you can upload work online or to help with your studies, there is access to these in our Training Centre.

Accessible Facilities

There are toilets located on the ground floor of each our buildings so they are easily accessible. All of our buildings are wheelchair accessible and there is access to the second floors by lift. Accessible parking spaces are located at the front of our Training Centre and the Hurst Building.

Professional Development Room

We have a Professional Development room for our learners and this is an area where you can study, research and find out more about our Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance on offer, as well as our upcoming professional development and enrichment activities.

Multi-Faith Room

The multi-faith prayer room is open to all learners and staff and provides you with a place for worship away from the work/learning environment.

Shower Room

We have a shower room located in our Training Centre and is open to all staff/learners. This is available as some learners/staff cycle or run to our centre.


Alliance Learning has now re-opened the onsite canteen facility  (Tee’s & Toast).  A wide range of breakfast snacks, as well as hot and cold food is now available to buy from 8.00am – 2.00pm Monday - Thursday and 8.00am - 1.00pm on a Friday.