Changes to Confined Space Qualifications

Last year, changes were made to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for confined spaces, as well as the Occasional Guidance Note (OGN) which guides the National Categorisation of Confined Spaces.


These changes led to a review by City & Guilds of their confined space qualifications, and the awarding organisation have announced a new suite of confined space qualifications, that reflect the changes to both the NOS and OGN.


As well as a new qualification structure, there are changes to the Roles and Responsibilities of those engaged in, controlling, supervising, managing and supporting the access of these Confined Spaces. One of the significant changes is the removal of the ‘Top-Person’ qualification from the existing suite of awards and it is being replaced by the new Control Entry and Arrangements for Confined Spaces (6160-04) which will require the ability to understand and control the use of both Escape and Working Breathing Apparatus.


These qualifications came into effect on the 1st of September 2021, with the existing qualifications remaining until 31st December 2021 to allow for a period of transition.


Owing to the changes to the qualifications, as well as the new roles, those wishing to refresh their existing 6150 qualifications should do so before the expiry of the qualification in December 2021.


Alliance Learning have the following course dates available for the existing 6150 Re-Qualification course:


  • 16th December  - £185+VAT

  • 23rd December  - £185+VAT

For those with existing certificates which will expire after December 2021, you will be required to undertake training for the new 6160 qualifications, in which Alliance Learning will be delivered from January 2022.


If you require any further information on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 01204 677811 or email