IPAF MEWP Harness Awareness & User

22/02/2024 08:30 to 22/02/2024 12:00 2024-02-22 12:00 (Europe/London)

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IPAF MEWP Harness Awareness & User
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Course Overview (Benefits)
This course provides the essential knowledge and awareness to enable a successful candidate to select, monitor, manage and plan the correct use of harnesses and lanyards for use in a MEWP.
The practical assessment user section will evaluate the candidate’s practical application of the knowledge gained in the Awareness Theory Training and is a prerequisite for the IPAF Harness Inspector training course.

At the end of the course candidates will:
• Have an awareness of how to correctly identify and select the appropriate form of personal protection against falls from MEWPs
• Have a theoretical awareness of how to pre-use check, use, maintain and store a harness and lanyard with the manufacturer's instructions
• Have a theoretical awareness of how harnesses and lanyards should be fitted and adjusted
Course Requirements
It is mandatory own PPE must be provided including harnesses , anyone attending a course without relevant PPE will not be permitted to complete the training and full course costs will apply.

New ePAL cards went live 1st June 2021, please download the APP prior to attending , follow the below link.
Awarding Body: IPAF
Course Content/Topics Covered
Harness Awareness
• Introduction
• Hierarchy of Person Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE)
• Know your Equipment: Harness Systems
• Anchor Points
• Boom Platform Hazards: Stay Safe
• Vertical Platform Hazards: Stay Safe
• Theory Pre-use Checks
• Donning and Doffing
• Cleaning and Storage

Harness User
• Pre-use check of a harness and lanyard
• Fitting and adjustment of a harness and lanyard for use in a MEWP
• Attaching to the correct anchor point in a MEWP and adjustment of the lanyard to provide effective restraint
Course Duration (days): 0.5
Target Group
Essential for anyone who will personally use a harness in a MEWP. Sufficient for people who will use a Harness but will NOT conduct Statuary Inspections on behalf of organisations.
Assessment and Certification
Theory: 30-question open book written test. A pass result requires a score of at least 80%.
Practical: Candidates will be asked to perform a pre-use check of a Harness and Lanyard, don and adjust the harness and attach to the correct anchor point of a MEWP, adjusting to achieve effective restraint.

Upon successful completion, candidates receive an IPAF certificate.
Method of Delivery: Classroom


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