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Which course are you undertaking?

What Apprenticeship Level are you undertaking?

Can you tell me why you selected this course?

What information, advice and guidance did you receive before starting this course?

Did it make you feel confident you had chosen the right course? Do you think you are on the right level?

What input did you have into the planning of your programme?

When was the last time you were seen by your SST?

Can you tell me what you did at that session?

When is your next appointment with your SST?

What will you be doing the next time you see your SST?

What are your plans for after the course? Have you been given guidance for the next level of study?

How often do you have contact with your subject specialist tutor?

Do you attend classroom sessions at Alliance Learning?

If not, why not? If so, do these sessions meet your needs? What impact do they have on your Apprenticeship?

If you miss a class how do you get help to catch up?

What have you learned so far on the course? Can you give me some examples of where you feel more confident since you joined the course?

Do you repeat the things you learn? Have you used any of the things you have learned at home or at work? Why do you think that is?

Have any of your personal attributes and behaviours developed? (i.e. employability skills, teamwork, attitude, confidence, social skills)

Do you know what to do to keep yourself safe? Can you explain safeguarding and Prevent?

Please explain British Values.

Do you know how good your work is?

Are you given grades/marks?

Where is your most recent piece of work? Is it better than the piece before/something you produced at the start of the course?

What kind of feedback do you receive (verbal/written from tutor/peers/opportunity for self-evaluation)?

How do you know you’re improving?

How well is the provider preparing you for your next steps/job/further learning?

What careers guidance have you received?

Do you know what to do and where to go to access support?

What impact has this Apprenticeship had on you?