Onsite Training

Can the training be tailored to your company?

The training can be modified to suit the industry your company works within. When training at our centre, our tutors have to cover a general overview so the course is relevant to every attendee. Whereas, onsite training can be fully focused on one area, so your employees are gaining only relevant information and are all on the same wavelength.

Is the training flexible to suit your needs?

We will work with you so you can choose the best date, the most suitable time, the ideal location and the relevant content to suit your companies’ needs and requirements.

Is onsite training cost and time effective?

As delegates are travelling to a location that suits them, they are not spending time travelling to an unsuited location. Courses at our centre are charged at price per delegate whereas onsite training is a fixed day rate.

Do you have to worry about anything before the training?

When booking the course, a member of our sales team will run through a short Site Survey Questionnaire to ensure the course can be delivered onsite and all relevant course materials needed can be supplied by us. Our courses are accredited by awarding bodies and all of our tutors are industry certified so you can have peace of mind with the course being delivered. For more information on Onsite Training, please contact a member of our Sales team on 01204 677811.