Remote Education Offer 


Guidance in the event of isolation or lockdown

Alliance Learning provides this guidance in the event that any of our learners need to self-isolate, or if there is a national or local lockdown situation that requires learners to remain at home.

In the event of the need to self-isolate, learners should contact Alliance Learning on 01204 696744, or contact their Subject Specialist Tutor to advise us.

In the event of a national or local lockdown, Alliance Learning will contact all learners and employers via email to advise all parties as to what will happen next.

In some situations, in line with Government guidance, there may be instances where learners can attend centre – for example, to complete examinations that cannot be conducted remotely in order to enable achievement of the apprenticeship.  In these situations, learners and employers will be contacted directly.  Learners should not attend Alliance Learning premises until notified that they are able to do so.


Remote Delivery

Alliance Learning makes use of Microsoft Teams in order to facilitate live online sessions between learner cohorts and their tutor.  Alliance Learning provides all learners with an Alliance Learning email address to enable them to access the Microsoft Office suite of software, and also to be able to access invitations to Microsoft Teams sessions.  All learners and employers will be contacted either by their tutor or student support to advise them of the timetable for the online sessions and learners are expected to attend these sessions.

In addition to Microsoft Teams, Alliance Learning utilises the OneFile eportfolio system to provide further resources and learner tasks to complete remotely in order to continue with their learning, development and progression.  All learners are provided with their OneFile account details at induction.  Learners are expected to check their OneFile and their emails regularly for messages from tutors or student support with regard to tasks or activities they have been set to complete.

If there are any issues with login details – learners are expected to contact their tutors, or contact Student Support, via


• Check your Alliance Learning email and OneFile for messages and tasks on a daily basis

• Attend your timetabled online sessions on Teams

• Be punctual for your Teams sessions

• Complete the work your tutor sets you by the deadline provided

• Log your off the job activity on OneFile, making use of the journal

• Ask for help at any time if you feel you are struggling. This can be done via email, Teams or telephoning your SST

Special Arrangements

In some cases, learners may experience difficulties with online learning.  This may be due to a number of factors, including IT issues; lack of equipment or other support requirements.  If a learner has any special requirements, please contact they should contact their SST to discuss further.  Alliance Learning will explore all possible options in order to make necessary and reasonable adjustments to support a learner and often this will be achieved through discussions with an Apprentice’s employer to see how they can also help.

Alliance Learning utilises CognAssist to support learners with specific educational needs through online activities and supported by the learner’s SST.  We also support learners with other specific arrangements through bespoke care plans.  If you feel there is anything else we need to do to support a learner’s needs or help with any barriers or challenges they are facing, please do not hesitate to contact us either through the SST or

Learners should also remember, we have a designated safeguarding team to provide confidential support with any problems a learner may be facing.  Their details are:


 - Jonathan Wetherby - Telephone: 07587 135904

- Chloe Ramsden - Telephone: 07749 473233

-Megan Pasquill - Telephone: 07587 773406

-Paul Chapman - Telephone: 07799 622314