Awards Evening 2019 Winners - Learner Case Studies


Hawulethu Nkomo - Fabrication & Welding Progression Award

Hawulethu Nkomo, employed by Bolton Gate Company, was the winner in the Fabrication & Welding Progression category. Hawulethu was described by his tutor as a pleasure to work with and someone who always works with a smile on his face. He is a diligent worker and produces work of the highest quality. His employer also described him as someone who has a fantastic relationship with all within Bolton Gate Company who is progressing well and is capable of completing any task given to him.

Lorna Hay - Electrical Engineering Progression Award

Lorna Hay, employed by Hill Biscuits, was the winner in the Electrical Engineering Progression category. Lorna was described by her tutor as showing a great work ethic in all of the individual sectors that she has completed. Throughout the duration of her course, Lorna has shown a consistent effort and positive attitude towards learning and the completion of her assessments, all of which were completed to a very high standard. He also added that he is sure that Lorna will become a very knowledgeable and committed engineer in the future. Her employer went on to say that she is a hard working team member who always completes projects and tasks on time and to a high standard. Her employer also added that she has a great future ahead of her and I am looking forward to seeing her progress. She is worthy of any rewards that would highlight all that she has done. 



Michael Birhane - Technical Engineering Progression Award

Michael Birhane, employed by William Hare, was the winner in the Technical Engineering Progression category. Michael was described by his Learning & Development Officer as a dedicated an hard-working apprentice who has produced a high standard of evidence and has been able to work on a variety of projects, showcasing problem solving and team leading skills in the process. His employer also describes him as a role model to future apprentices, becoming a STEM Ambassador talking to students about apprenticeships. Michael is a very quick learner and has shown great enthusiasm and passion for learning, showing great leadership skills for someone his age.

Robert Norris - Business Administration Apprentice of the Year

Robert Norris, formerly employed by MP Chris Green's Office, was the winner of the Business Administration Apprentice of the Year award. Robert has completed both his Level 2 and Level 3 in Business Administration with Alliance Learning. Ravi Lad, Robert's LDO, said that he always showed the utmost professionalism and respect with his behaviour when in the workplace and Alliance Learning. Due to his line of work, Robert was able to handle queries of great sensitivity and authority displaying great knowledge and resolving issues with constituents. Overall, Robert is an articulate young man who has the skills and behaviours to go very far in his career. His employer also spoke about how is was a pleasure to watch Robert grow into a mature and confident young man, becoming an invaluable and trusted member of the team. They also said how there's no doubt that the skills he developed during his apprenticeship will serve him well in his future career.



Jane Warburton - Business Management Apprentice of the Year

Jane Warburton, employed by Bolton Council, was the winner of the Business Management Apprentice of the Year award. Her assessor describes her as being a motivated, committed and enthusiastic learner, producing some very high quality and detailed work to demonstrate her knowledge, understanding and competency of management. He also added that Jane has worked hard and tirelessly to achieve her apprenticeship whilst running a busy and intense office facility. A colleague of Jane stated that she is an outstanding manager, being the first person to turn to for advice, guidance and support. They also added that they hope Jane gets the recognition she deserves through winning this award.

Tina Goodram - Children & Young People's Workforce Apprentice of the Year

Tina Goodram, employed by St Bede's Out of School Club, was the winner of the Childcare Apprentice of the Year award and overall Apprentice of the Year award. As described by her LDO, Tina left school without any GCSE's or qualifications but was determined to start a career and develop and nurture this. She also added that Tina lacked confidence both academically and practically, however throughout her apprenticeship she proved to be a natural when working with the children and her knowledge was second to non. Tina's manager added that she has been a valuable member of the team during her 3 years in the club. She is loved by all of the children and she is the heart of the team. She goes on to say how proud she is of Tina and that she deserves the recognition she has received.



Summer Grimshaw - Health & Social Care Apprentice of the Year

Summer Grimshaw, employed by My Life, was the winner of the Health & Social Care Apprentice of the Year award. Her assessor spoke about how hard Summer has worked to achieve her apprenticeship. She took ownership of her qualification and got a new-found confidence, asking for more work when she completed tasks. She has a lovely nature with the service users and has shown that she has great relationships with them, showing great respect and compassion whilst also showing her fun side to ensure they have a positive experience. Her employer added that she showed continual determination and attitude towards work and it is wonderful to see how she is with the younger people. She is a credit to the department and an extremely valued member of the team. I can see her being very successful in her future career. 

Julie Partington - Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Apprentice of the Year

Julie Partington, employed by Tonge Moor Primary Academy, was the winner of the Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Apprentice of the Year award. Her tutor spoke about his admiration for her achievements, showing that age really isn't a barrier when it comes to learning. She is very proactive and has adapted well to meet the needs of the children within the academy. Her employer added that she has a great desire to improve as a teaching assistant in order to address the educational and behavioural needs of the children across the school. Julie now leads the after school club which all of the children love to attend.



Dean Stockton-Beesley - Fabrication & Welding Apprentice of the Year

Dean Stockton-Beesley, employed by Time DMG Steelworkers Ltd, was the winner of the Fabrication & Welding Apprentice of the Year award. His LDO stated how Dean produces a very high standard of work throughout his time at Alliance Learning. His attitude to learning is excellent and his commitment to becoming a better engineer has been obvious from the start. He added that how it has been a pleasure guiding Dean through his apprenticeship and he is sure that Dean's future within engineering will be successful. His employer also added how Dean's great attitude towards work has enabled him to progress in the company and become an important member of the team. He has proven to be a great learner and has gained confidence in all aspects of his job role.

Jack Holt - Electrical Engineering Apprentice of the Year

Jack Holt, employed by Viridor Waste Management, was the winner of the Electrical Engineering Apprentice of the Year award. Jack's LDO described how the work he produced was outstanding from the start, producing some excellent evidence for his portfolio. He always went the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcome. He went on to say that it is usually difficult to nominate apprentices for this awards, however in Jack's case, the decision was very easy. His employer added that Jack has become a great addition to the engineering team and has made some valuable contributions to the maintenance both on and off site. He uses his initiative to solve problems that he comes across and his fault finding skills are excellent. They also spoke about their delight Jack has been nominated for this award and they are proud of his achievements to date.



Philip Eastwood - Mechanical Engineering Apprentice of the Year

Philip Eastwood, employed by Kadant UK Ltd, was the winner of the Mechanical Engineering Apprentice of the Year award. His tutor described Phil as an excellent learner whilst he was at Alliance Learning, achieving 5 distinctions in his technical certificate. His assessor also added about his pleasure of having a learner like Phil. He always produced outstanding work for his portfolio and this is mirrored by his employers comments on him. His employer him as a dedicated and valued employee, surpassing any expectations in every task given to him with ease. Phil has now been transferred to a more skilled role within Kadant and with the assistance of Alliance Learning, they believe they have produced a world class engineer.

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