Learner Testimonials


"I wasn’t sure if the Apprenticeship route was the right path for me when I started, however Alliance Learning have showed me this was the right choice to make. Before I worked at Kier, I was in a job that I didn’t enjoy and was on the verge of completely quitting the job. However, with the help of my tutor, Jackie Woodhams, I was able to land an interview with Kier which allowed me to complete my Apprenticeship under an employer I wanted to work for."

"I can’t thank Alliance Learning enough for giving me this opportunity as this Apprenticeship has shaped me into a more confident person and has provided me with valuable skills that I will need to succeed in the future."

"An Apprenticeship is a great opportunity to earn whilst studying for a qualification and give you essential skills in to succeed in your chosen career. Alliance Learning is the perfect training provider as they have given me their full support since day one."

- Jonathan Upton

(Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice)

"I decided to do an Apprenticeship because I didn't like the college lifestyle day in day out and wanted the opportunity to start making money whilst working towards my qualifications."

"Alliance Learning helped me secure a role at Aptus Utilities, completing my Business Administration Apprenticeship. One of the main things that benefited me is that it helped me learn about the process of a business"

"Alliance Learning are a very well organised and well put together company, helping people like me learn and move forward in their careers."

"I completed my Level 3 Apprenticeship in October 2019 and I have since become a Trainee Estimator. I now feel that I have now moved into my 'career' role and I am very excited to expand my knowledge in this role. My aspiration is to some day become a manager within Aptus Utilities."

- Abigail Adamson

(Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice)

"At the start of my first course I will admit to being reluctant as I did believe that as an older learner that I would be brushed aside. I could not have been more wrong. After a rocky start due to several issues Jackie Woodhams was assigned the task of being my development coach. Jackie took the time to assess my individual learning needs and restrictions due to family and work life, sat with me over a coffee (tea for Jackie of course) identified the type of operation we undertake and discussed a way forward."

"I am now on my second NVQ Apprenticeship and making better progress than I ever imagined, receiving exceptional support from Jackie and I see her as an extended part of the family both at work and home, always there to listen and provide support, advice and reassurance. Since the start I have encouraged others to take on their own development with Alliance Learning and Jackie to successfully progress them through their NVQ qualifications. We have also taken on an apprentice who has settled well into the business and with further work coaching will hopefully develop within the business for a lengthy career."

"It’s been hard work for the past three years and through the support, mentoring, questioning and reasoning of Jackie I am delighted I took the first step. I hope to further progress after my current course. Many thanks to all at Alliance Learning for the ability to participate and their encouragement in my own personal development, but most of all to Jackie who has been with me every step of the way. I am looking forward to seeing others follow their ambitions and hopefully further develop my own skills and career."

- David Aldridge

(Level 3 Leadership & Management Apprentice)

"I can honestly say Alliance Learning is excellent, from the minute you walk in through the main doors the guys on reception are pleasant, helpful and polite. My tutor Catherine is amazing and my confidence has excelled in my childcare career with her guidance. My functional skills tutors Jamie and Mark are very patient and my English, IT and maths are progressing very well. Everybody on campus are full of smiles they greet you like you would a family member, it is overall just a pleasant place to learn." 

- Jackie Buckley

(Level 2 Childcare Apprentice)

"I can honestly say I am super impressed with Alliance Learning as a training provider. With the Onefile I have a clear, concise understanding of where I am up to with my work and how much I have left to achieve. Jackie Woodhams has been great! In just over 2 months I have completed 47% of the work required to a high standard." 

- Shannon Hughes

(Level 2 Team Leading Apprentice)

"Elaine is efficeient and helpful. Best LDO I could ask for. There is never anything I am disappointed with and she is always helpful. I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship at Alliance Learning." 

- Cameron Maunder

(Level 4 Business Administration Apprentice)

"I really like the experience and help I receive. Never had this in the past and Roy has helped me with queries on the same day which really is very good." 

- Karima Mohmed

(Level 2 Business Administration Apprentice)

"I have recommended my friend, who is starting work at the same place on Monday and will be starting an Apprenticeship with Alliance Learning." 

- Nathan McCormick

(Level 3 Engineering Maintenance Apprentice)

"I am very pleased with the education I am receiving at Alliance Learning. My tutor is very good at helping me to understand the different subjects I am learning and I feel like I am getting a better understanding of Engineering everyday." 

- Christopher Edwards

(Level 3 Engineering Technical Support Apprentice)

"Alliance Learning have made me become a better engineer. Whilst being here I have learnt many new skills on the fitting section, the turning section, and the milling section. All of this was under the guidance of excellent tutors. Especially Dave Hilton." 

- Marley Morris

(Level 3 Mechanical Engineering Apprentice)

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